We are working on .NET technology, Java, Open source PHP, Android and SEO with Web Designing Tools Like Photoshop, Dreamweaver +DIV and Flash, etc.

Microsoft.NET technology provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions. .NET-connected solutions enable businesses to integrate their systems more rapidly.

With software projects becoming more complex day by day, clients demand high visibility, frequent deliveries and smaller iteration cycles and as businesses change so does software.

TT-TECH has grown into a complete IT solutions provider, serving a multitude of companies from across the India ranging from big corporates to small businesses and even entrepreneurial start-ups. We provide a complete range of IT solutions to build, establish and sustain your web presence. Our mission is not only to make your presence felt on the world wide web but also develop corporate identity for our clients, effectively positioned for Internet Branding.

Our business idea is to make Internet easy and profitable. We do this by being big enough to offer a broad selection of services and at the same time being small enough to give you personal services. We start with a planning of a web business solution for you according to your business needs and gives to your business a new height.

We provides solution to make your company grow in the sequence of Web Consultancy, Personalized Software system, Email Marketing, Customer Services & Technical Support, Valuable Data Collection and your Precious Web Maintenance.

TT-TECH specializes in developing Internet strategies for the digital economy-building brand, increasing revenue, improving customer loyalty, boosting stock value, improving partnerships and increasing communication flow.

We offer cost effective, quick, and efficient web development solutions, focused to help our clients establish competitive advantage using development skills in ASP.NET, Java, PHP, J2EE and other technologies.
1. Global Delivery Approach
2. Search Engine Optimization   and      Web Promotion
3. Mobility Solutions
4. Custom Development    Solutions
5. On Line Development
6. Point of sale Application.
7. Complex Application                            Development.
8. Web hosting & Domain Name             Registration
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