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TT-TECH, you get the best HR solutions for different domains in IT. Since our inception, we have made a mark as one of the most prominent recruitment consultants in India. With the ongoing change in the various industries in India, which was initiated in the last decade, because of the globalization and open market strategies, companies are facing stiffer competitions from its MNC counterparts. Therefore, they have focused on the intensive business strategies, and a perfect HR strategy which is one of the most important aspects of a well managed company. This is why the importance of the recruitment agencies in India is felt in a greater extent these days.

We believe in acquiring in-depth knowledge of the domains of our client, because we understand that without understanding the business of our clients, we cannot help them in their HR policies. Therefore, unlike other HR companies in India, we at TT-TECH have decided to narrow the horizon of our service, so that we can enhance the depth of the service. That is why our recruitment services are restricted to the IT and ITES sector only.

Our extensive network enables us to source for the right candidates with the right experience and qualifications for our Clients. We aim to be your partner and are able to identify and select candidates to fill your requirements in the technical, managerial and functional roles. With our extensive experience in HR, and expertise in placing candidates with top MNCs, we will provide customized solutions to your HR requirements. We make every effort to understand your Organizational needs, current requirements, market availability as well as the compensation for the positions we take up.
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2.Screening solutions
3.Compensation and benefits    Outsourcing solutions.
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6. CV Writing
7. Mentoring Services
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